Instruction to Reviewer

Criteria for Reviewing: On the basis of following criteria:
01. Format of the Article: Any major divergence from the standard manuscript format
should be indicated. Please check in the given format as per SDESInternational Journal of                 Interdisciplinary Research Policy.
02. Avoid repetition: Repetition of past work should not be accepted. You can assess
conceptual advancement over previously published work.
03. Interpretation of Result: Should not include irrelevant and unachievable statement.
04. Statistical Presentation: Proper statistics should be applied over the data wherever found
05. Plagiarism of Data: If data showing any type of suspicion, duplication and manipulation
of other research or paper immediately brought to the notice of the author(s).
06. Summary: Assess strength and weakness of the article considering potential importance
of the work in the context of present and future.
07. Conclusion: after evaluation or reviewing reviewer(s) can recommend necessary
corrections to accept the paper, if they are actually required. The paper may be rejected If
found unsuitable for publication.